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The Shaggy Dog Cookbook Blog

Terri Daugherty - Innkeeper

After several years of hosting guests at the Shaggy Dog Bed & Breakfast, things became more about friendships, fun and food than me and my morning iron skillet. Guest gatherings at the Shaggy Dog Patio Saloon have provided many creative dish offerings. From happy hour charcuterie boards, to bringing a fabulous side or “man, that smells good” on the bar-be-que. We all know how food brings us all together with cocktails, enhancing our palettes.

My cooking degree came from the Culinary School of “All the Cooks in my Life”. I started as a preteen mastering the art of tuna noodle casserole, tuna salad, pancakes, mac and cheese, cinnamon toast and all the dishes we enjoyed as kids. Somehow, I morphed into quite the cook. Many of my dishes reflect the southern cooking of dad and the southwestern style of mom. I have picked up ideas, techniques, dos and don’ts from family, friends and even all those ex’s (that’s another book) along with the augmentation of just about every recipe I’ve touched to make it my own.

My love of food and entertaining is the inspiration for this blog. To be able spoil my guests, family and friends with delicious food, a little ambiance along with a beautiful table setting, soothes my soul.

The Shaggy Dog is proud to share the creativity and awesome dishes of my guests and myself. Thank you all for your contributions, recipes and style. Hopefully, this cookbook blog will inspire your kitchen to snap, crackle and pop with flavor.



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