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Summer Heat and Heavy Metal

Always adding, changing and improving our little "resort". Our newest editions to the Shaggy Dog are the second poolside gazebo, that took a crunch in a damaging monsoon storm, and our patio pergola. Both projects turned out fantastic and NO I'm not trying to kill Steve.

July and August are typically our off season, so what does Terri do? She shops online (it's too hot to drive to the home improvement stores) and buys stuff for Steve to put together. Metal things, heavy things, that are too hot to hold. I might add the pergola was installed on our flagstone patio, also like fire. Terri also had a new patio sectional and table delivered in several boxes. Fortunately, the furniture assembly was completed indoors.

The packaging and cardboard disposal from these projects in itself a project. Let's just say Terri is on restriction from purchasing "some assembly required" for a while.


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