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Blossoms Ramp Up - Spring is in the Air

March is a fun month. Not only for the whole Valley of the Sun but for us here at the Shaggy Dog BnB.

Gazebo in March 2022

Here are some fun facts about our little world in the middle of a large city during the month of March.

Pine Pollen

Yes, that's what that fine green dust is that blankets my beautiful outdoor table tops,so annoying, it's pine tree pollen. March is the month of a thousand God Bless You's, with all the sneezers.

The Cactus League - Spring Training

During the month of March, baseball fans come out of the wood work. The sea of baseball caps and jerseys liven up the valley and the party starters start. I usually let them go ahead of me in the grocery line, I don't know why.

Chilhuly in the Desert - Desert Botanical Garden

Spectacular if you've never been, It's a must.

NASCAR returns to Phoenix Raceway

Varoom, every March. Every single March, Every single year.

The art festivals, music festivals and always the Renaissance Festival find their way back each March.

Gina's Place - Wickenburg, AZ

A quick 45 minute trip to Wickenburg gets you to my sissy's shop. She owns and operates an antique store and art gallery featuring Gina's Art. She does beautiful southwestern paintings using multiple media's. You can purchase an original, framed painting or she also offers many framed prints of her work. Or pick out the perfect gift from her eclectic inventory of cool finds. Furniture, jewelry, clothing, dishware, hats, boots. Always something new and creative at Gina's Place. You can even sign up for a painting class.

Best thing about March - Besides my St Patrick's Day annual dinner requested by Steve each year, Its my birthday month. I sneeze through it every year.



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