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It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since The Shaggy Dog BnB blogged anything. As you can see by the photo, COVID19 created the most boring place to be for the dog kids. In their own words, this is how 2020 went.

There were no new guest friends for us to trick into giving us excessive treats.

The few that were here in March had to hastily leave before the Canadian border closed. It's still closed to auto travel and its September 2021. No dog likes that!

We slept for almost a whole year. Or it seemed like it in dog years.

No extra dog love, ear scratches, back rubs.

No "ahh how cute" "so sweet" "wanna cookie" "they can come in" "we didn't hear them bark at all" "they are soooo good"

We resorted to swimming alone, then rolling in the dirt for some kind of reaction from mom.

If we don't get some new dog hugs soon, we may never wake up!!


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